A guide to Brass Mutes by tonedeafcomics.com


A guide to Brass Mutes by tonedeafcomics.com

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Yes us 


Hipster musician photo. #trumpet #stradivarius #blackandwhite


Hipster musician photo. #trumpet #stradivarius #blackandwhite

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Really good trumpet players from Hungary, they play Dvorak’s New World Symphony in a flash mob

Anonymous said: The last 4 boys I've had a crush on are trumpetists. What is wrong with you guys!? I'm a mess because of you xD

sounds like some lucky guys! ;)

Anonymous said: Are trumpet players the best kissers?

oh yeah we are ;)

Anonymous said: Yooooo you look like Gabriel Macht

Welcome to FYEAH! Trumpet!

We are a blog dedicated to the best instrument in the band, Trumpets! 

If you would like to help out with this blog (as I tend to get bogged down with school and other things a lot) just let us know! We would love the help!

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